Photograph of a guitarWilkommen, welcome, bienvenue. If you have arrived at this website then hopefully you are searching for some music that is a little bit different.

'tuned4maximumsmoke' are a band that write and record original material and our songs can be downloaded freely from this website. All we ask in return is that you listen to the songs and give us your opinion, good or bad on what you think of them. If you do like what you hear then bookmark this website so that you can return and listen to new songs as and when we add them to the download list.

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'tuned4maximumsmoke' are Antony Parsons vocals, bass guitar and keyboards; Matt Parsons rythm guitar and lead guitar; Simon Pipe rythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals and drum arrangement. Our songs can be freely downloaded and distributed for non-commercial use. If you wish to use any of the songs for commercial purposes please contact us using the email address shown on the 'Feedback' page.

All music, lyrics and the 'tuned4maximumsmoke' logo remain copyright © 2007 - 2013 of Antony Parsons, Matt Parsons and Simon Pipe.


I gotta get out of here - Feb 2016

A bit political, this one. Take the time to listen to the Ballad of Dwight Fry, co-written by Alice Cooper and Michael Bruce. I love the 'I gotta get out of here' part of the song. If ever there was a more fitting song for the Brexit campaign.

Ban the Song - October 2014

The 1980s pop song Enola Gay, by OMD, is a song about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima during WWII. Apparently, the song was banned from being played by the BBC programme Swap Shop because it was believed to be about homosexuality. Enola Gay actually referred to the name of the B-29 bomber that dropped the bomb, named for Enola Gay Tibbets, the mother of the pilot, Colonel Paul Tibbets.

How very quaint, the banning of songs on radio and television. It's a practice that's largely been dropped. How's a band supposed to gain notoriety these days?

Fight Club - October 2013

The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club. And so on. Fans of the film will no doubt recall Brad Pitt uttering these rules to the assembled fighters. It's good advice and the same can be applied to the writing of music.

The first rule of Write Club is, you do not delete a guitar track that somebody else has recorded. The second rule of Write Club is, you do not delete a guitar track that somebody else has recorded. And so on. Sorry Matt.

Health and Safety - February 2013

In keeping with the spirit of these safety-conscious times that we live in it's now band policy that a risk assessment is carried out before any t4ms practice sessions. The wearing of hard hats and high visibility jackets will also be compulsory during aforementioned practice sessions.

This decision has been prompted by a rather unfortunate incident involving one of the band members and an unprovoked assault by a milk carton. It's a dangerous game, this music business.

Obituary - September 2012

Sadly Ron Macaroni, a good friend and adviser to t4ms, recently passed away. Ron, and I am sure that he would not mind us saying this if he was still around, was a man with ambition beyond his talent. As he would have undoubtedly put it, "It's a game of two halves and the full-time whistle has blown."

He is survived by his guinea pig, Larry.

Back Buster - January 2012

It's not all glamour, the music business, you know. A recent visit to the practice rooms for t4ms, in our unending quest for musical perfection, resulted in a hernia, a slipped disc and a dislocated shoulder. The cause of all this carnage? Lugging hefty valve amps to and fro, that's what.

What we need is the power and sound of a 100 watt Marshall stack in a shoebox sized cabinet, weighing no more than a bag of sugar.

China Syndrome - August 2011

With all this talk of financial doom and gloom in the press, why not cheer yourself up by listening to some of our songs. You never know, you might just forget for a moment that you've not had a pay rise for three years, you won't be able to retire until you're at least seventy-five and China will be our new economic overlords. Best start learning Mandarin.

Area 51 - March 2011

We have just uploaded a new song. It is called 'Song 51'. We're not sure what this song is about, although we wrote it, so we thought we would name it after Area 51, the US military base in the Nevada desert. Just like the song nobody knows what's really going on there. Hope you like the song.