Simon, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Your time is here Dude! or goto and click Software Engineer. and IF we are lucky, I will meet you there! Get the New Shoes ready, and make sure you polish it right.

Name: Andy Dufresne Date: 21.12.2007

Not sure if you get that message, if not go to this site any way good luck

Name: Andy Dufresne Date: 21.12.2007

WOW - when's the next gig?

Name: Eric Date: 21.12.2007

Merry Xmas and a happy new year. Any chance of thick and thin appearing on the site as it was awesome live

Name: JackieK Date: 21.12.2007

I like the changes to the download page, makes it easier. Rumours abound that you've been asked to play the V Festival this year, any truth in it?

Name: Ritchie Date: 7.1.2008

Simon, Andy

Name: Andy Date: 16.1.2008

Look Here, not for the Album or Money, I know! but at least you all can say, " We have done it "!

Name: Andy Date: 16.1.2008

when is dirty white transit going to be added to the list? Prefer the original version of what you wanna know esp. matts bit.

Name: pip Date: 11.2.2008

Hello, I think t4ms are brilliant. Oh God here come the men in white coats....

Name: Mr Smith Date: 17.08.2008

Really like the stuff you're doing. Do you do requests?

Name: George W Bush Date: 07.01.2009

Brilliant music. Must be discovered before4 long xxxxxxxxxx

Name: Katieeeeeeeeeeeeee Date: 08.02.2009

Loved all your songs, glad I can turn the sound down though. Best wishes for your future.

Name: Marianne Date: 09.06.2009

Where is the bing bang bong, now I know why I am deaf, pardon.

Name: The Old Git Date: 09.06.2009

Very the new look web site too. Are you really playing at the V festival???????

Name: Catherine Date: 21.08.2009

Well wicked always a fan.

Name: Jos Date: 19.10.2014


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